A Holistic and Child Centred
Approach to Teaching and Learning

Building positive relationships with young people in order to help them manage the academic and social stresses of modern life. 

What I Offer

  • Pastoral and academic support for students out of school due to medical needs 
  • Home schooled students – English teaching and mentoring
  • English teaching from age 7 up to GCSE – building confidence, developing skills increasing success…
  • Mentoring and supporting SEN needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, mental health such as depression and anxiety, loneliness and isolation, ASD and ADHD.
  • Mentoring young people to build confidence and improve well being. Walks in the woods, social skills around town, other activities to be discussed with the individual.


From a diverse range of students, parents and colleagues

“Thanks for all your support for Jake from Sharon and myself.  I sure that he wouldn’t be doing so well with out your and the schools support.”

– Dave and Sharon H, Parents

“Ms. Blofeld has been incredible to speak too. She’s shown interest in what we’ve discussed, and has helped me greatly in managing my ASD, I cannot recommend her enough.”

– Jake Horler, Student

“I have been working with Ms B in resit GCSE lessons after school.  I have found it helpful practising with past papers and discussing how to answer the questions to the best of my ability. I think  I will be successful this time.”

– K. O-S., Student

“Alison Blofeld has been an exceptional learning mentor and an asset to the sixth form at Frome College and the school more widely. She has proven to be an enormous support in helping our students with both their academic organisation and emotional well-being.”

– Andrew Davies, Frome College

“Alison has been an excellent mentor and advocate. She understood that my daughter needs recognition (of her abilities), routines and reminders to support her progress. Alison acted as a liaison between home and school, so that we had regular information about her progress.”

– Hannah, Parent

“Talking to Ms Blofeld is always helpful about apprenticeships and what I am planning to do beyond A level. Her door is always open (metaphorically) ; she offers a calm space to talk about whatever is going on for me. I can ask about English, exams, anything at all.”

– Louis, Student