We support nearly 500 girls and 200 women in Bagamoyo and Chalinze Districts through our learning center, workshops and outreach projects, focusing on education, art, skill development, health and hygiene, and entrepreneurship.

FSO Learning Center
At our learning center in Bagamoyo, 40-50 girls aged 9 to 22 attend our classes and workshops each week.

We run workshops on topics such as entrepreneurship and work ethics, personal and menstrual health and hygiene, crafts and drama, as well as offering educational support and skill development in English, Mathematics and computer literacy.

Through the craft session, we teach girls that the jewelry and art they create can generate income, which we then use to buy their school supplies, such as notebooks, school bags and shoes. The girls then have the chance to understand the impact of their own ability to earn an income as well as manage their finances.

Outreach Projects 
We also work in the wider communities through local community leaders, such as the Changalikwa Secondary School where 70 secondary school girls benefit from our services.

Our health and hygiene sensitization program in the villages around Bagamoyo has so far reached 300 girls, who now have the necessary knowledge and ability to safely and confidently manage their personal and menstrual health and hygiene.


Art and drama
We see art as a platform to raise issues affecting young girls and women, and promoting empowerment, especially through drama workshops and theater production.