Make a difference by investing in a girl´s future

If we have any hope of a bright future beyond this raging Corona and its impact, then let us take action and help girls in Bagamoyo, Tanzania this New Year to realize their hopes, too, of KEEPING in school through a global pandemic. 

At the height of Corona pandemic in Tanzania last year, a number of girls got pregnant at the hands of those closest to them when they remained home from school during the 3-month lockdown. This means they cannot return and continue with government schools as per Tanzania’s laws. This presents a major challenge because most students in Tanzania attend public schools given that they are tuition-free. Although private educational institutions are an option for these teenage mothers to remain on the path of education, most parents here do not have enough financial resources for this endeavor. 

Additionally, some parents are unable to keep their girls in school because they lost their jobs due to Corona’s impact. Discontinuing a girl from school in Bagamoyo could mean becoming more vulnerable to early pregnancy. For teenage mothers, staying out of school longer could translate into early marriage. In the long run, either case could mean women remaining in the vicious cycle of ignorance and lack of opportunity. 



We have estimated that the fundraising goal of 7,000 will be enough to help keep 20 girls in secondary school and college from 2021 through 2022. Your donations will go to paying fees, keeping some students in boarding school, buying miscellaneous expenses, and holding preparatory workshops for the will-be teenage mothers about psychotherapy, reproductive health and hygiene. We are already conducting shopping for school needs and paying fees for a few girls with the 1,665 raised so far, and we are so grateful to all who have already contributed!

To give you an idea of what to expect, with 20 we can buy a secondary schoolgirl’s menstrual pads for a full year. 50 can cover a girl’s school supplies in secondary school for a year by buying menstrual pads, notebooks, a school bag, shoes, mathematical set, pens, pencils, school uniform and socks. That same amount is enough to hold a health and hygiene workshop for girls. With 100, we can buy text books for 10 secondary school girls and 333 can cover a girl’s fees in college for a year. 



With fewer girls attending secondary school, fewer women professionals and way fewer women leaders in Tanzania, we ask you to join the campaign to address this challenge in order to DEFEND the progress we have made through a lot of striving. Please follow the link below to access our online fundraising page, donate, hold a fundraiser for us, share our link and talk to your family, friends, and colleagues to support this cause. Thank you!

The link to our gofundme page: