We have had a few requests for more detailed information regarding the Learning Centre construction.

The leader of this project, Mareike Thiedeitz from the Technical University Munich, has provided links to the fundraising page and further information on the project.

Included below is a link to the Soroptimist site which provides quite a lot of technical information about the construction of the Learning Centre and conditions in Tanzania.

We have also included a link to the site (tum-sania) which has been set up by the Technical University of Munich. The build is not yet complete and we are hoping to raise more funds to complete the interior and also to have the building water proofed before the next rainy season.

If you are interested in the project you will find both sites very informative. And, if you would like to contribute financially to this fantastic project, please follow the link to Tum-Sania.
Tum (Technical University of Munich) Sania (Tanzania).

Tum-Sania is the name of the university project and this is their fundraising link:

Mareike is a member of the group Soroptimist. They have also assisted with funding and have a specific page dedicated to the project:

Thanks for all your interest in the project and please leave a comment below if you would like any further information.

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