Good Deeds Day 2019 Bagamoyo

What is the Good Deeds Day?

Good Deeds Day is a global day that unites people from over 100 countries to do good deeds for the benefit of others and the planet. Since 2007, millions of people from thousands of communities, organizations and businesses join together every year to volunteer and do good for the community.

We have been part of this community since last year and we are doing good this year again.


We want to draw attention to the pollution and how to recycle trash the right way.
In addition we tried to raise money for the Armani day care kindergarten. Their furnishing is old and cannot be used anymore. Teachers and Students will have a better learning experience with new materials and desks.


On the 7thof April Good Deeds Day took place in Bagamoyo. We cooperated with Bagamoyo Beach Lovers for this event who helped us a lot. Approximately fifty people came to our event and followed our invitations on social media, invitation letters and personal invitation.

However one of our goals was to involve our “FSO girls” in the happening. They were encouraged to bring their friends along. Roughly twenty girls joined the event.


Faudhia Zando welcomed the volunteers and introduced the event. She gave information about the work of the FSO and our goals for the day. The group splitted up in two subunits after a short briefing which trash should be picked. Bagamoyo Beach Lovers provided garbage bags and gloves for everybody. The first group cleaned the section beginning at Firefly going to ‘the Funky Squids’. The second group went to the other direction on the beach. Despite the intense sun we were able to collect a lot of trash and recyclable materials. The team of Bagamoyo Beach Lovers sorted everything after we brought them the full bags and took care of the waste deposal.

Many people were keen to learn more about the work of FSO and read our flyers with great interest.

We were also able to raise 40.000 TZS donations to help the Amani day care centre. We were able to achieve our goal to collect money for this purpose. The decision still has to be made how the money will be used in particular.

We lived up to our goal to inform people about the importance of environment protection and keeping our oceans clean.

In conclusion Good Deeds Day 2019 was very successful!



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